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"Optimizing Your Job Search"

Nearly everyone I know has been searching for a job at one time or another in their life. Sometimes we get lucky and the first person we talk to has the perfect job for us, but most times it is hard, frustrating work to find that position. And many times the job we get is not the perfect one, but at least it provides some income.

Having been in this situation a few times in my life, and watching and assisting others many times, I’ve learned some things that may help you in getting the right job. Here they are:

Be patient. You’re in this for the long run, so prepare yourself to stick with it until the process has been done well.
Network! Any time you can have a person refer you to a potential employer, it will be better than many “cold calls” or “shotgunning” resume’s all over the country.
A one page resume’ is best, as few people in today’s world have the patience to read more than a page. Sad but true.
Have a “generic” resume’ and then customize it for each particular job or interview. Be sure revise it after the interview, based on what you learned.
Think deeply about how you are different from all the other people who want this job and why you are better suited to help the business. Be ready to say this clearly in an interview.
Be patient! Job searching isn’t quite as important as finding a life partner, but you’ll be spending a lot of time at that special job site once you get there.

More could be said, but this will give you some starting thoughts about how to proceed. Two more things. Google yourself to learn what potential employers will see about you. Then clear out from your Facebook page the pictures of you and your friends having a little too much fun. Employers can easily get a negative impression of you from these kinds of pictures.

Don’t get discouraged when you are turned down. Each connection or interview with a potential employer is a learning experience. You’ll learn and get better as you go along.

Good luck!

Author: Bruce Johnsen Management Consultant:
824 Munras Ave Suite G
Monterey, CA 93940

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