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Dealing With Anxiety

My friend Nick was facing a serious operation and we were talking about ways to combat the temptation to anxiety. Many of us are confronted with various kinds of difficult situations that loom on the horizon or are present right now. They have the power to disturb our peace of mind, depress us or make us irritable, among other negative reactions. We can even get caught in a cycle of worry and anxiety that tends to immobilize us. How can a person best deal with these kinds of burdens? Here are a few thoughts:

Breathe deeply until you feel calm.

Breathe in “Jesus”.

Breathe out “anxiety” or whatever is upsetting your peace of mind.

Visualize yourself in the loving arms of the Lord.

Ask for guidance, then move forward and do something that will “break the spell”.

At bedtime, place the matter of concern in the Lord’s hands.

It seems that all of us are affected by some kind of difficult situation at one time or another in our lives. It can affect us personally, or perhaps be a negative factor in another person’s behavior or professional performance. Realizing when one of these “attacks” on peace of mind occurs is the first step. Then using the actions above to help the other person or yourself can lead toward the peace of mind we all desire.

Author: Bruce Johnsen Management Consultant:
824 Munras Ave Suite G
Monterey, CA 93940

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