Becoming Our Best

Joe the Bartender

Recently I was skiing with a friend at Steamboat Springs, CO. A “local” recommended the Boathouse Bar as a good spot for drinks and dinner. Steve and I walked in to find a nearly-full house, found a seat at the bar and watched the bartender Joe with interest. He was remarkable in his positive connection with each patron, sales ability, awareness of the many requests being made and his always-pleasant manner.

Looking more closely at Joe’s performance, what might we learn from seeing him in action? Here are a few thoughts:

• Whatever job one you have right now is important and deserves your full attention.

• Making people feel welcome in your workplace is important.

• Knowing your products well makes for an easier sale.

• Smiling while you work gets better responses.

• Anticipating your team’s needs gets best results.

Joe is a college graduate, skier and outdoorsman. He has chosen his bartending work as something that will allow him to live a life that has meaning for him.

Each of us has something special that we can do that will make us feel happy, satisfied and perhaps quite tired at the day’s end. It is important to find that niche in our life and then learn how to provide excellent service for each client as well as each team member who helps us to be successful.

Author: Bruce Johnsen Management Consultant:
824 Munras Ave Suite G
Monterey, CA 93940

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