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Recently I made my first trip to Budapest, Hungary and was most impressed. I traveled with a close friend who grew up in the city and who has many relatives and friends living there. My overall impression was: what a beautiful city Budapest is, and what kind, good people live there. It seems to me they are similar to the natives of other nations that are now or have been “crossroads” between more powerful nations or alliances.

These people of the crossroads appear to have a unique strength and resiliency that makes them not only survive, but prosper despite the difficulties imposed on them by their more powerful neighbors. And they seem exceptionally outgoing and interested in the world and its affairs. So what might we learn from these “crossroads people”?

• Be kind to those around you. They may be in power some day and in control of your destiny.

• Learn about other nations and their cultures to better understand and work with their people and organizations.

• Find ways to constructively resist when pushed around or oppressed by those more powerful than you.

• Have hope for the future and faith in your ability to influence it for the good.

It is one thing to be powerful and receive the natural respect and deference resulting from that status. It is another thing not to be in that position of power and still be able to be happy and get things done well.

The best leaders and teams know how to be in the more or less powerful position and be successful. The points listed above may help you to achieve excellence in difficult situations.

Author: Bruce Johnsen Management Consultant:
824 Munras Ave Suite G
Monterey, CA 93940

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