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Recently one of my nieces asked the question above. And it’s a good inquiry to think about. She implied that women seem to go to see a doctor more willingly than men. So why might men be somewhat obtuse in their response to need for medical assistance? From my personal experience and that of observing other male friends, relatives and co-workers, here are some possible thoughts men have:

I don’t have time to see the doctor.
This isn’t a big deal, it’ll go away soon.
Real men don’t run to the doctor for every little ache or pain.
In the past this kind of pain has always just gone away with no treatment (more typical of men under 50).
If she doesn’t stop pushing me, I’ll never go!

There are more possible thoughts, but these are representative. As a male beyond the age of 50, I offer some recommendations to men about seeing their doctors:

Have a regular physical. It makes calling the doctor easier, and it sometimes finds serious problems that may kill you quickly.
Be aware that our bodies break down more as we get older, and need more preventive maintenance, just like an older car.
Try to be a good example for other family members. It is painful to watch someone stubbornly refuse to see the doctor when their pain is apparent.
Your wife is your best friend. At least listen to her and think seriously about going to the doctor when she asks.

More could be said about this topic, but I think the male readers get the idea. And for you wives, daughters, sisters and girlfriends: A gentle approach will probably get better results. Males seem to get stubborn and opinionated quickly when pushed too hard about seeing the doctor.

Author: Bruce Johnsen Management Consultant:
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