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Many times during my bicycle rides through Pebble Beach, CA, I pass an unfinished tennis court behind a very large house. All else looks prosperous at the estate, so why not finish constructing the court? My best guess is that the owner planned for years to build a tennis court behind his big house. But when he finally got the money to start building the court, his health failed, and so there was no reason to complete the court.

What might we learn from this sad story that could help us?

• Life is a balancing act between the present and the future. If we invest too much in either place, problems will result.

• Determining how much money is “enough” is a hard problem. Essentially we must trade the hours of our life for money.

• For those who live too much for the future and its possibilities, I would suggest that they invest more time and attention to today and its joys. (And for those who live too much for the pleasures of today, I would suggest that they think more about the future.)

• Remember to “seize the day” and live each moment fully.

We can plan and invest in the future so much that we and everyone around us suffer unnecessarily in terms of personal life, working environment and compensation. And as a result, we can lose our best people to other organizations and perhaps lose our own health or relationships.

At least once a year, it is helpful to set aside a time and place to examine your life and adjust the ways time, energy and money are spent. This kind of strategic reflection and planning will pay substantial dividends for you and your team members.

Author: Bruce Johnsen Management Consultant:
824 Munras Ave Suite G
Monterey, CA 93940

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