Becoming Our Best


Recently I returned to South Dakota for Uncle Henry’s 90th birthday party. A large group of friends and relatives were there to celebrate this milestone in
the life of a man who exemplifies love of life and care for other people in all he does. The father of 8 children, Henry was also a successful businessman and investor who was able to welcome the new ideas that have entered our culture over the 70 or so years of his adult life, while valuing the old ways.

So how does one go about growing older successfully as Henry has? Are there some things we can learn from him? I believe the following
observations about his approach to life may be useful to all of us:

• Have a sincere and honest smile for all you meet.

• Be positive about situations and people and look for the best in them.

• Don’t be afraid to take risks.

• When you do make mistakes, learn from them and move on.

• Love life, work hard and make time for those you love.

Henry grew up in the great Depression, deprived of many of the economic and social benefits we now have. But he never let circumstances stand in
his way as he moved forward. He took what was there and built on it.

May we learn from our elders, and express our appreciation to them while they are still with us. They are precious reservoirs of knowledge and wisdom
that have much to offer us. Take the time to reach out to an older person and benefit from their life’s experience. You will be glad you did.

Author: Bruce Johnsen Management Consultant:
824 Munras Ave Suite G
Monterey, CA 93940

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