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Some of you may remember my moral quandary with the “lost and found” Mont Blanc pen a few years ago.   Well, now I am faced with an electronic quandary.   Recently I ordered 5 paper gift certificates from as Christmas presents.   When the package arrived, there were 10 gift certificates.   (Our VISA bill now reflects payment for 5).   We sent 5 gifts off to the recipients, kept the 5 others and I e-mailed to tell them what happened.   Their response was generic, with no indication of what to do, and three weeks have elapsed.
At this point I am wondering just how much effort and time I have to spend to try to give back Amazon's products, when they are so unresponsive.   My thoughts about possible actions follow:
• Send another e-mail to the same address and see what happens
• Send a paper letter, but to whom?
• Send back the certificates, but to what address?
• Give the certificates to a charity and send an explanatory e-mail to Amazon at the same, ineffective address  
There must be other creative approaches to this dilemma.   All I want to do is try to be fair to in this matter, without spending too much of my time trying to work with their unresponsive administrative system.
What are your thoughts?

Author: Bruce Johnsen Management Consultant:
824 Munras Ave Suite G
Monterey, CA 93940

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