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Recently, my friend Mike and I had taken the hard hike to a plateau and snowfield just below the top of Mt. Lassen, an extinct volcano.   To our left was the snowfield and its quarter mile of snow, with a multi-colored cliff rising beyond.   That had to be back wall of the caldera, or mouth of the volcano, from which the molten rock explodes.   And also the place where there are fascinating rocks of many textures and colors, as well as hardness.  
The vast differences in these rocks are the result of the tremendous heat and pressure produced in a volcanic eruption.   The same conditions are experienced by each of the elements and types of rock.   But the results are greatly different.   It turns out that they are simply the individual responses to the extreme conditions.
What can we learn from this caldera and its different rocks?   It seems to me that this is something like our response to extreme conditions in the workplace.   Some of us melt, others grow brittle and the best grow stronger.   What might one do to become stronger?
• Be aware that the extreme conditions are coming.  
• Look at the coming "perfect storm" experience as an opportunity
• Leave fear behind and replace it with strength and optimism
• Brief your team on what's coming
• De-brief after the experience to grasp the lessons it brings
Sometimes there is no way to avoid an extreme experience in business or in our individual and collective lives.   When you see it coming, decide to get the most from the experience and emerge stronger and wiser.   It will make a real difference in your and your teams' lives.
Author: Bruce Johnsen Management Consultant:
824 Munras Ave Suite G
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