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Recently I had the opportunity to hike in one of the canyons high above Bishop, California . Along the trail, high above us, was what looked like an abandoned mine, so it was an exciting moment when we saw the unmarked trail fork that led up to it.

At the site we saw evidence of mineshafts, timber shoring, ore buckets and a storage shed, all of which had suffered from avalanches and harsh winters. The mine was unique in that it was dug into the mountain at a lower elevation and moved via shafts and tunnels upward, rather than down into the earth. So what can we learn from those miners for us and for our teams?

•  Try to always scan the horizon for new opportunities, while dealing efficiently with the tasks at hand.

•  Don't be overcome by apparent obstacles. Invent new methods or procedures to get at the "pay dirt".

•  Personally believe that you can achieve what appears impossible, then spread that attitude to your team members.

•  If "Plan A" fails, be ready with "Plan B" and then "Plan C". Winners are prepared to overcome any obstacles in their path.

Those miners worked through serious handicaps to achieve their goals: harsh weather, poor transportation (horses or mules, in the case of the Brownstone), limited technology (picks, shovels and dynamite!), periodic avalanches and a series of other "unknown obstacles" that could stop us in our tracks. But they persevered.

Use their tradition to go forward to achieve the best for our society, the organization and for your team.

Author: Bruce Johnsen Management Consultant:
824 Munras Ave Suite G
Monterey, CA 93940

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