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Fishing the 10,000 Islands of Florida

After attending a conference in Florida, I joined my old friend Bob Abernethy to take a fishing trip to the Everglades. At the edge of this jungle-like National Park are the numerous“Keys” or islands mentioned in the title. And the fishing is great, along with scenery and a very special local culture.

Each day, along with the fishing, we would be treated to the sight of huge ospreys flying by to feed their young, nested at the very top of the highest trees. A bald eagle peered from its nest, and in the water, sting rays were mating. Sea birds flew by in constant variety as alligators rested on the mud flats.

The islands themselves were started amidst the root systems of Red Cypress trees. As the trees grew, their above-ground root systems would dive into adjoining sea water and provide a place for flotsam, jetsam and other materials to start forming the island. Then, sand beaches would coalesce along with coral reefs to protect the islands.

What can we learn from this unique environment?

• Good things start small and grow gradually

• Diversity is the sign of a healthy environment

• We need to balance the needs of nature and humankind

• Be prepared. Storms grow quickly and tides rise unseen

• “Carpe Diem!”, Sieze and live each day

Getting away to attend conferences, seminars and short courses is important for our professional growth. Make time in your busy schedule to attend them. And then try to tag on some fun activity at the end. Life is short!

Author: Bruce Johnsen Management Consultant:
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