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I spent some "winter "time   in Rapid City, S.D recently.   Needing exercise and also wanting to go up into the Black Hills, I journeyed to Mt. Rushmore via snowy back roads in narrow canyons lined with pine and aspen.   Beautiful!   At Mt. Rushmore I parked at the sculptor's studio and took a trail which ranges high up beneath the four granite faces.   In the soft winter sun, I saw a few mule deer and a dozen wild turkeys.   And of course the huge visages of Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln.   It was inspiring!
What could I pass along to you from this experience beyond the beauty, inspiration and the joy of good exercise?   These thoughts might be helpful:
•  Gutzon Borglum, the mountain's sculptor, dreamed big.   We tend to work our way toward our dreams, so they might as well be exciting.
•  Tenacity and hard work are the means by which dreams are fulfilled.   Daily doses of both will make it happen.
•  Keep your eyes and heart open to new scenes and new experiences.   They are the sources of rejuvenation and creativity.
•  Your team needs to see your vision as clearly as you do, or they won't have the spirit and hard work to make it real.   Communicate well and often.   And remember that listening is the most important part.
•  Getting out into nature is a wonderful way to lift the soul and bring a fresh perspective to life and work.   Schedule time to do it.
The easiest thing for us to do when faced with some free time is to turn on the TV and let it entertain us.   Maybe   the TV brings   us something that might have some long-term value, but probably not.   Next time you have an opportunity to get out into nature go for it.   The outdoor experience   will help you, your loved ones and your leadership ability.

Author: Bruce Johnsen Management Consultant:
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