Becoming Our Best


"Look at that jerk! Doesn't he know how to drive?" Think of the number of times in the day when we express our disgust and frustration with people and situations. Or maybe don't express it and bottle it up inside to explode later.

It appears that the faster we are able to get things done, the more frustrated we become with the slightest inconvenience or delay. It's as if we can't understand why everything can't just be the way we want it to be, all the time. My way! Now!

To me it seems that impatience causes the frustration. Impatience, starting with ourselves and our faults and widening out into the people around us and finally to the world in general.

Why would we allow ouselves to be so impatient? What good does it do? Not much, from my experience. If I'm working with someone and become impatient, the other person usually senses it and becomes either nervous or upset. Neither nervousness nor upset will help get the job done faster. If I am impatient with things I can't immedately change in the world around me, frustration naturally results.

So it sounds like patience is a key to conquering frustration. If so, maybe these actions would help:

* Realize that a frustrated person is rarely an effective person, whatever the situation.

* Become aware when you are losing your patience. Then ask yourself, "How is losing my patience and getting frustrated going to help this situation?"

* Practice being patient and understanding with yourself. Not just making excuses for things you need to change, but being reasonable about the fact that you are human and change takes time.

* Look at frustrating situations as an opportunity to practice patience and avoid frustration. Use these dark moments as opportunities to become your best!

It's good to have a sense of what's right and wrong; also to know how things should be. But it doesn't help to get frustrated. Practice using your patience, intellect and heart to find ways to either make the situation better or live through it gracefully.

Author: Bruce Johnsen Management Consultant:
824 Munras Ave Suite G
Monterey, CA 93940

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