What is coaching?

Coaching is a personalized way to improve your life and its work. Through a process of diagnosis, developing your personal strategy and regular feedback on progress, we work together on areas where personal improvement has a high payoff. You will also be teamed with an experienced counselor to assist you in clarifying difficult life and work situations and then making better decisions.

How does coaching happen?

• An initial interview with the executive skills coach is held to discuss your areas of interest and concern, and then we develop your personal goals and a plan to attain them.

• Regularly scheduled in-person or telephone meetings are held to assess progress and provide advice and counsel.

• When the goals of the coaching process have been attained to your satisfaction, the regularly scheduled meetings end and the coach is available for situations that may occur in the future.

Benefits to you personally:

• A balanced approach to your life and work.

• More effective personal work patterns.

• Clearer, more effective communication with team members.

• Stronger leadership skills.

• Improved negotiation and conflict resolution strategies.

• Better ways to handle stress.

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