The purpose of this website is to help you as an individual become your best (and help your family business members and business/professional partners to do the same). Here are the ways we can help:

In the “Becoming Our Best” section of the web site you will find helpful thoughts about dealing with personal and business challenges and opportunities.

The “International Work” section may challenge you to become more involved in helping developing countries (or disadvantaged areas of the U.S.) to learn from your areas of expertise.

The “Photos” section can provide you with some joy in seeing the beauties of nature as a refreshing break in your busy schedule.

“About Us” will tell you more about what we do and how it may help you.

Bruce Johnsen's Mission Statement

My consulting to individuals, family businesses
and partnerships is built on these principles:

For my clients:
• To listen for in-depth, clear understanding of issues presented by individuals and groups.

• To explore the many possibilities each individual or business challenge presents and jointly create the best plan of action to resolve it.

• To find ways to make the business a success, financially and in its long-term relationships.

• To help people in business develop better means of working together as a team.

• To encourage and develop the best in people and  situations.

• To find and use opportunities to help improve individuals' business and personal lives.